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There are so many tips and tricks for cleaning out your closet, organizing your closet, making over your closet…but what if your current closet design just doesn’t work? Just like remodeling the rest of your home, getting a closet that suits your specific needs is all about using the space you have and building more space when you need it! Only a design/build remodeling firm like JR Renovations has the expertise to truly customize a space.

The journey to efficiency usually begins when a client is talking to JRR about remodeling their bathroom, or bedroom. When discussing the space and how they use it, it becomes obvious the problem extends into the client’s closet space. The JRR team members begin to ask very telling questions:

Collection of dresses

  • How do you store your pants? (jackets? t-shirts? shoes? jewelry? purses?) And how would you prefer to store them?
  • Which do you need more of – long hanging or short hanging space?
  • Would you like to sit down to put on jewelry or shoes?
  • Would you like multiple mirror options?
  • Would you like a charging station? A little bling to dress up space?

After getting the client’s wish list for their closet, the JRR design team creates a personal closet space that is congruent with the other adjoining spaces. Having a single team plan and create your bedroom or bathroom and closet means that every need is addressed logically and according to your personal habits. There is no duplication of effort; there is not a single inch underutilized.

Wardrobe filled with dresses

Maybe best of all, the JRR design/build team can add on space, electrical connections, HVAC and many more things that the basic closet companies just can’t do. A closet can seem like a deceptively simple space to redesign, however, the closet is the cradle of efficiency where you start every day. After a renovation including a closet, routines begin to effortlessly flow through the new spaces. A new closet could just change your life…one morning at a time.