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Shower hanged on wall

If you’ve ever experienced the sudden horror of yellow rings appearing on your downstairs ceiling; or worse, water raining through your light fixture – you know a shower leak can be a most unpleasant surprise. Aside from the immediate and drastic visible damage can be hidden damage that can be far more devastating. A shower that leaks or condenses moisture inside the walls will ultimately destroy everything around it and attract wood-eating mold. Not only does this become a danger to your home, but it can be a danger to your health as well.

Having replaced a good many leaking showers and tubs over the last few decades, JR Renovations is always happy to provide our clients with powerful and lasting solutions so never again will they have to worry about a leak from their bathroom remodel. Behind the stunning tile design and flawless installation lies what really makes a JRR custom shower outstanding. When the new shower is under construction, JRR uses a cement backer board that is moisture and mold resistant making it the perfect choice for tile and flooring in baths, kitchens, and laundry rooms.

Next comes something few homeowners have ever seen: an elastomeric waterproofing membrane! JRR uses Redgard and it’s one of the most convenient methods of waterproofing shower walls before installing tile. Regard is an approved waterproofing membrane and has ANSI 118.10 approval for use in shower construction. This waterproof coating will be the final protection from any water that could seep through the grout of the tile; since sealing grout can only do so much, waterproofing the backer board is essential.

The consistency of the Redgard is like pudding and is almost like applying putty all over the shower floor, walls, niche, bench, etc. The taping of seams, the thickness of the application as well as the drying time and the temperature is essential to the success of the membrane. JRR project managers are trained and experienced in this system and can guarantee its success. Have a look at Redgard on a real JRR shower here: All In The Details Portfolio

The JR Renovations team has a mission to stay on the cutting edge of home improvement advancements, and we are often first adopters of new technology and products. Follow us to learn more about what sets the JRR design/build process apart from the crowd.

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