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John Rogers Renovations - Award Winning Atlanta Remodelers of Kitchens, Bathrooms, Basements, and more!

One of the many wonderful things about what we do is that every project and every client is unique. Each new renovation presents its own rewards and challenges, and each client deserves the right team of professionals suited for their remodel.

We know that we are not the right fit for every renovation. To ensure our clients get the highest level of service, design, and construction we thoughtfully accept projects that fit the following guidelines. If your answer to these following questions is yes, JR Renovations may be the right firm for your project.

1. Is Your Home Located Within Our Geographical Work Area?

We diligently manage all of the staff that comes together to build your project; oftentimes that level of management requires daily on-site supervision. This means we can only accept projects inside of the red loop you see here:

Map image with red mark circle

2. Is Design an Important and Valuable Part of Your Project?

If you understand the value of creative, customized solutions and that there is a cost for the professional design and the due diligence for pricing those solutions. Find out more by reading about Our Process.

3. Is Your Comfort in Your Home a Higher Priority Than Immediate Resale Value?

We know resale is almost always a factor for our client’s future consideration. However, JRR clients are more immediately focused on creating a home that functions for their family and their lifestyle than in comparing their home value to others.

4. Do Trust, Professionalism, and Quality Come Before Price in Your Decision Making?

We understand some people are looking for the lowest price to complete a project and may be willing to accept subpar service or quality in exchange. JR Renovations is dedicated to creating an extraordinary renovation experience for our clients. Therefore service, quality, and professionalism are not things we are willing to sacrifice for cost savings. Our clients choose to work with us because these are characteristics that are equally as important to them as they are to us.

5. Do You Value a Concierge Type Renovation Company?

If you prefer managing your own project on a daily basis, making all your selections on your own or outsourcing bits and pieces of your project? If so JR Renovations is likely not the right firm for you. We are a full-service renovation company and are proud to cater to our clients’ unique styles and goals. Our specialized design/build process guides our client from start to finish and cares for each and every need along the way.

6. Are You Available for Weekly Progress Meetings?

Your complete satisfaction is our top priority. We know that consistent and clear communication is imperative to the success of a project. We prefer to meet with our clients, either virtually or in person, on a weekly basis so that we can ensure all of their questions and needs are being answered and fulfilled.

7. Are You Comfortable With the Typical Project Price Points for a John Rogers Renovation?

We have used historical averages to provide the following price assessments for different project types: JRR Remodeling Investments