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Screen Porch Addition

Before Atlanta design/build firms like JR Renovations, if you wanted to make a significant change to your home – what would you do? You would have had to look up an architect, meet with the architect and explain your needs, wait weeks or a month for a design that most assuredly would be the architect’s vision of your space and could quite likely be double the budget you were hoping for. From then you would need to find a contractor who would build the architect’s plans, and then you were left on your own to select all the finishes and materials.

If that process sounds exhausting – imagine managing it for months and months – along with your own job and family. Statistically, more than half of the remodeling projects begun in this manner never saw completion.

Nineteen years ago, a better solution arrived for Marietta, Roswell, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, and other metro-Atlanta homeowners: JR Renovations and Design / Build Remodeling. The purpose of design/build? To take a daunting task and break it down and simplify it into an orderly process that yields the most high-quality results for the client.

Instead of paying multiple entities to create their visions, a single entity listens to the client’s vision and sets up concise and unique steps to accomplish everything the client wants. Owner and President of JR Renovations, John Rogers, tells clients “The real value of design/build remodeling is that you don’t have to be on top of every detail yourself. You have hired our firm for our due diligence to execute the entire project.” You are not going to be left to fend for yourself. Things are not going to get missed. “You can attend to your business while our firm takes complete care of your renovation project.”

Atlanta design build remodeling

An excellent example of how JR Renovations’ Atlanta design/build remodeling works is during the design process. After meeting with clients about a kitchen remodel and asking very detailed questions like “Where are you going to keep your dishes? Pots?” “Where do you put your mail?” – the John Rogers team will look at the kitchen as a blank slate. Each person in the team then creates their own kitchen concept that gives the clients what they asked for. The best ideas are then merged into a single concept. The first design is then created and the team presents it to the client in person or virtually. The clients say what they like or don’t like and modifications are made as desired. This process is repeated as many times as necessary until the client is 100% completely satisfied.

When presented with this design package one client told the John Rogers team “ I want you to know, this is incredible! We’ve done numerous remodeling projects over the years and we’ve never had anyone deliver us something on paper so that we really understand what we’re going to get in the end.”

Atlanta home design build remodeling

Who benefits from the John Rogers design/build process? Clients with hectic work schedules. Busy family lives. Clients who cannot possibly be a remodeling project manager while also doing their own job. Clients who may have never remodeled before, or are not accustomed to architectural drawings and need help visualizing what the change will look like in their home. Clients who have a very specific vision and need talented design professionals who can customize everything to suit.

Do you think you could benefit from the John Rogers design/build process? Preview our Atlanta remodeling project types and find out!