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Green Remodeling

Green remodeling is a conscious decision to use sustainable building materials in an ecological and efficient manner. Homeowners can achieve energy savings of 30% or more when implementing green building products into their projects. And this decision is not, an all or nothing proposition. Implementing just a few green remodeling practices into your home renovation will make a lasting impression on your wallet as well as your health.

Our home designers offer hundreds of options on home renovation ideas that can make your bathroom and kitchen remodeling project a success. For instance, when deciding on a new floor, why not look at sustainable flooring products such as bamboo or cork? Recycled glass mixed with cement or resin is a popular green choice for countertops and floors. Some smaller green steps a homeowner could implement would be to install dimmer switches, use florescent bulbs or choose Energy Star appliances. You can make a big impact with even minor changes in your thinking and choices. We’ve got a professional staff ready to help you through all your options, as you go green.

Sustainable Residential Remodeling Is Attainable

Incorporating green building technology into your kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects without sacrificing aesthetics is easy.

  • Countertops and tiles made with recycled glass gives a high-end look
  • Numerous formaldehyde-free and recycled wood products are available
  • Engineered flooring systems reduce the consumption of wood.
  • Hardwood flooring certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) ensures that wood is harvested from sustainably managed forests
Clean Air in Your Home Is Essential to Better Health

If you or a family member suffers from breathing problems, you understand the importance of clean air. Initial green building design can help reduce these indoor pollutants.

  • Proper humidity control prevents indoor growth of mold, mildew and dust mites
  • Install 100 percent wool carpet vs. carpets with synthetic fibers
  • Use chemical-free, no -VOC (volatile organic compounds) glues and adhesives
  • Use low or no -VOC paints some are odorless and completely VOC-free
Efficient Energy Use Is at the Core of Green Remodeling

Our team provides efficient ways to use less energy while still maintaining a comfortable living space.

  • High-efficiency HVAC systems should be properly sized for space
  • Fluorescent lighting reduces energy use
  • Dimmers greatly reduce electrical use with incandescent lighting.
  • Insulation, caulking, weather-stripping, flashing, radiant barriers in roof or attic space and light-colored roofs help keep
    energy costs low
  • Replacing single pained windows
  • Hot water on demand systems and tankless water heaters
Green Building Costs Are Quickly Recouped With Lower Operating Costs

Most green remodeling projects cost a premium of less than 2% but yield 10 times as much over the entire life of the building. As demand for green building increases technology and competition will lead to even more competitive pricing. By adopting green principles you create a healthier indoor environment, lower energy bills all while having a positive impact on our environment.